AMP label on Google search results – what does it mean?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Google has launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages project, a pared down version of the mobile web, which runs on its own version of HTML.

The initiative aims to improve the performance of the mobile web, with Google saying that a web page created with the new AMP HTML can load anywhere between 15-85% faster than the standard version of the same page.

What that means in real terms for users is a much faster mobile web. Web designers publishing sites using AMP can expect a likely boost in search rankings, as site speed and mobile friendliness are both key indicators recognised by the search engines for improved user experience.

Like the mobile friendly label for Search Engine Ranking Page listings, Google is going with AMP and a little lightning bolt to show which search results are AMP created sites.


This is surprisingly ambiguous for users, who are not likely to realise the meaning of this label, unless Google has plans to educate people on the faster loading speed that AMP promises.