Conversion Rate Opimisation (CRO)

When we ask our clients what is the most important thing they want to achieve from their websites, by far the number one response is to get more business.

Conversion Rate OptimisationYour website is an important part of your marketing and as such it needs to perform – you need to see a clear return on your investment. ROI for your website means more than capturing more visitors through the search engines; it’s about converting those visitors into enquiries and ultimately into paying customers or clients. To help you achieve this, Web Tonic will run a Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy on your existing website.

How can Web Tonic help me generate more enquiries from my website? The CRO strategy is designed to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Increasing your site’s conversion rate will increase the number of leads your website provides you and give you a better return on your investment. We do this by;

  1. Identifying the goals you want to achieve from each page on your website
  2. Strengthening the sales funnels on your website in line with your goals
  3. Setting up these goals and sales funnels in Google Analytics so you can track your results
  4. Optimising your key pages for the search engines for the keywords associated with your goals
  5. Creating at least 2 copies of the page to be used for A-B testing Using A-B testing from Google Analytics we then run tests on each page – Google will send an equal number of the visitors to each page
  6. With clearly defined goals and sales funnels in place, we can measure, track and evaluate the results ensuring that the page that gets the most conversions is used on your site

What does Web Tonic change to increase the conversion rate on your website pages?

  • Headlines and product descriptions
  • Forms
  • Page layouts
  • Special offers
  • Images
  • Text (long form, short form)
  • Buttons

How long do you you need to run the A-B testing? To get good results from testing your website, you need to have a minimum of 1000 visitors (each page). Web Tonic will keep the A-B tests running until that number has been reached, so the time taken will vary on this from website to website.

How does Conversion Rate Opimisation affect my search engine rankings? Conversion Rate Opimisation can only have a positive effect on your search engine rankings as the changes we make engage your visitors more effectively and keep them on your site for longer. Level of engagement is one of the factors that Google uses to rank your website.