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Web Tonic is a New Zealand-based web design and Internet marketing business that delivers results to clients through a range of expert services.

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Helping clients grow their customer base and create new sources of revenue is our focus at Web Tonic. We achieve this through high visibility and responsive web design, compatible with all browsers and platforms.


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Web Tonic Principal, Craig Cochrane, has been a NZ web designer for more than a decade, delivering a range of web page design packages that acknowledge client needs and budget. He now leads a team of skilled and experienced website designers, web programmers, graphic designers, professional copywriters, photographers and digital media artists who are in-sync with the web’s continual advances and latest trends.

Craig Cochrane

Craig Cochrane

Craig’s own Accommodation New Zealand site is a prime example of how Web Tonic helps businesses achieve outstanding search engine rankings. In what is a very competitive market, www.accommodationnewzealand.co.nz continually achieves high rankings on google.com and google.co.nz for a number of the most common phrases people use when looking for accommodation in New Zealand, without paying for Google AdWords.



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 International Webmasters AssociationCraig is also a member of the International Webmasters Association. This means that when you do business with Web Tonic you can rest assured you are doing business with an honest and reputable webmaster, one who operates using internationally recognised standards and code of ethics in the web industry.



“A good website is one that looks good and is found easily through online enquiries for your services or product, and then delivers the information the visitor needs to convince them to do business with you,” explains company principal, Craig Cochrane. “Our approach to web design and online marketing is results-driven – and we test it to make sure.”

See some of our work for yourself and read about the latest in web design and online marketing trends on our blog.

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