Hot tips for marketing your book online

– By guest blogger Fiona Cole

Book Marketing for Author'sIn self-publishing the responsibility to market your book remains firmly at the feet of the writer.

Each successful self-published author solves the marketing of their book differently, and often with surprising ingenuity. Some people drive online traffic with keyword strategies. Others sell books in the back of the room during presentations and workshops. Some authors become social media “celebrities” amassing a huge fan following, whilst others become experts and spokespeople for a cause or professional arena.
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What is content marketing and why do we need it?

content marketingContent marketing is an umbrella term that includes all the different ways to communicate within a

marketing, lead generation and retention framework.

To take it a step further, content marketing refers to any piece of content—including tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, downloadable white papers, email newsletters, webinars and website articles— that is created with the purpose to build a direct relationship with prospects and customers.

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