Get people to find your website in the search engines with these simple but effective SEO techniques

Seo TargetClients often ask me how they can get more of their customers to find their website on the search engines for the products or services they offer. The best place to start is with these simple but effective SEO techniques.

The first thing I do is identify what your customers are likely to be searching for: these are known as your key search phrases.

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Search engine results page content that speaks to your audience

Search Engine OptimisationOnline marketing leaders believe understanding buyer behaviour is important if you want to achieve optimum results. A key part of this involves considering the different stages of the buyer’s journey to help drive more of the right traffic to your website. This means knowing what to put in front of your target market at each stage to capture your audience’s attention.

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DIY your SEO: Things you can do yourself to improve your website search engine rankings

Professional SEO is something many businesses invest in to help improve the performance of their websites. It is recommended to have your website up for at least three months before you launch an SEO strategy as it will take this long for your site to find its natural ranking, which will give you a clear starting point. If you are not yet ready to enlist the help of an expert, there are some simple steps you can do immediately. This can apply either during the construction stage of a new site or as a first level of SEO on an under-performing existing site.
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