Website updates that your customers will love too

Websites customer loveUpdating the content on your website is not just for the search engines to see that your site is active. You should also think of your customers. After all, it is they who will spend money with you, not Google. Here are our top tips for making website updates that your customers will love.

Be Visually Engaging

Your website needs to look professional and appealing, so ensuring your visual elements are fresh and engaging is a key part of winning the hearts and minds of your customers.
That first impression is instantaneous: make it count.

Have Useful Information

Consumer activity online is about searching for information. Rather than listen to a sales pitch, people are doing their own research on products and services long before making themselves known to the business owner or adding anything to their shopping cart. It is important to provide the most useful information you can for your target market on you website.

Offer reliable and useful information that will make a difference to the customer. Think about what is relevant to your target market and share it. As a starting point, address commonly asked questions.

Think like a customer – What’s in it for them?

When considering your website content, you need to think about it from your customers’ point of view. Your content needs to be inviting and reassuring but also it needs show visitors that you understand their needs.

Whatever it is that you are offering, you need to convey to people that you have them in mind. Rather than hearing about how shiny, fast, technologically superior or well-crafted what you are selling is, they want to know how it will meet their needs.

Don’t lose sight of your core purpose

When making updates to your content, be sure you are still making it clear what it is you have to offer your customers and how they can get it. If a first time visitor can’t see what it is you do and why you are a good choice over the competition, then guess what?  You are not fulfilling the purpose of your website.

Give them a reason to come back

Information can get old quickly, and people are often attracted to products or services that appear fresh and different to what they are already using. Whether it is new products, new services or simply something interesting to share, it is important to look fresh in the eyes of your customers. Regularly scheduled updates create an expectation of new information on your website. They also reduce the chances of your site appearing neglected by showing expired content.

Ensure your content remains current and fresh – having something new to say gives people a reason to come back to read it.

Keeping your target market in mind when you decide on what content to update will help you to build stronger customer relationships, encourage more return visits to your site and improve your conversion rate from visitors to enquiries and sales.