Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Web Tonic has spent years developing and applying the most effective process for earning your site higher rankings in the search engines.

Why invest in SEO for your website?

Having a website is only the first level in securing a strong online presence. You want your website to perform in bringing more customers to your business. Good Search Engine Optimisation will improve your site’s ability to be found by people more likely to match your target market as it is based on searches by those looking for what you have to offer.

A better performing website – one that is more visible to the right people – will significantly increase the value of this key asset in your marketing portfolio, achieving a higher return on investment.

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 This is what we do for you

We review your site and interview you to understand your target market, core products/services and website goals. This allows us to identify the top key search phrases you need to focus on to reach your customers.

We then take a multi-pronged approach to improving your rankings with the search engines


Keyword Research

Using keyword research tools provided from Google. We research the correct key phrases to optimise your website for, based on your sites targeted demographics. This ensures you do not waste money on targeting non performing keywords.


SEO Content

Your site content is updated with professional SEO web copy for the pages you wish to include in your SEO update. We recommend starting with your Homepage. Other content is created for the displayed text in search engine results and to support the Link building campaign.


Technical SEO functions

A site analysis is made to identify any faults or technical issues with your site. Once these are addressed we introduce Google-friendly features like a Google sitemap, robots txt files and other search engine-related improvements.

Monthly SEO Growth Strategy

This is done using Google’s SEO best practice guidelines to ensure you achieve natural growth which produces sustainable results. We create a unique strategy based on your website performance goals, the level of activity you require and your marketing budget. Your strategy will include all or some of the following, depending on your level of investment:

  1. Applying strategically targeted key phrases each month
  2. Building natural links into your website from other websites or articles written about your business that are published on blog sites.
  3. Creating online content to populate blogs or post on related sites for link building purposes (optional)

Monthly website performance reports

These will detail the work completed and ranking results, which helps us to fine-tune your SEO monthly strategy as it evolves ensuring we are achieving the best possible results from our efforts..


There is no quick fix for increasing your rankings on the search engines!

One-off optimisation of your site is not enough to establish top rankings on the search engines. Because it takes time to achieve sustainable high rankings for your website, Web Tonic only offers these campaigns over a 12 month term.



“I had Craig at Web Tonic build and optimize my website. He was very helpful with this process (not being computer savvy myself). He guided me through the process and (importantly) stuck to the time-frame he set out at the beginning. Craig is always contactable and proactive in his management of my site. He has got great results for me in optimizing my site to near the top of Google searches – and all for a very reasonable price. I have no hesitation in recommending people to Craig (and regularly do!).”

Phil Mitchell

Employment Lawyer Wellington

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