How to find more time in your week to focus on being successful

Everyone you talk to says they are busy – busy with work, with family with stuff that needs doing at home. But hardly anyone is truly productive. There are only 24 hours in every day and not matter how hard you try you can’t squeeze a single extra minute out of it.

What if you could get back some of your working week? An extra few hours a week to spend on anything you wanted – whether it’s finishing the gazebo in the back yard, playing with your kids or securing a lucrative contract that has stalled because you are just too busy.

There are scores of self-help books on the subject of being successful and none of them tell you to work harder and longer. What they do tell you is to work smart. From Live Like a Millionnaire (without having to be one) to The 4-Hour Work Week, all of them tout ways to free up your time for better things.

Checking your emails only at set times of the day or on certain days of the week is a top contender, along with a wide variety of other ways to clear the many small but distracting tasks from your day.

Delegating non-essential tasks is also key. In fact, in The 4-Day Work Week by Tim Ferriss, the author recommends to outsource any tasks that anyone else (besides you) can do, and to outsource any tasks or work that you don’t particularly enjoy doing. Find The 4-Day Work Week on Mighty Ape

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