Hot tips for marketing your book online

– By guest blogger Fiona Cole

Book Marketing for Author'sIn self-publishing the responsibility to market your book remains firmly at the feet of the writer.

Each successful self-published author solves the marketing of their book differently, and often with surprising ingenuity. Some people drive online traffic with keyword strategies. Others sell books in the back of the room during presentations and workshops. Some authors become social media “celebrities” amassing a huge fan following, whilst others become experts and spokespeople for a cause or professional arena.
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Google Analytics: the golden key to getting more business from your website – but why don’t we use it?

Google AnalyticsWeb Tonic registers all our clients’ websites with Google Analytics. It’s actually free to everyone with a website, and makes it possible for you to access all the data available about your website; where the traffic is coming from and what demographics and behavioural information you can gather about the visitors to your site.

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What is event tracking and how does it help my business?

Google Event TrackingEvent Tracking is a very flexible way to track onsite campaigns and individual visitor actions on a web page. It can help you identify visitor behaviour to accurately measure traffic flow for specific things. This helps you to make more informed decisions around getting better engagement rates for your web marketing efforts, and improving the pathways to information on your website or other sites.

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Mobilegeddon one year on: has going mobile-friendly helped websites achieve better rankings?

Using a mobile phoneIt’s been over 12 months now since Google launched its algorithm update to rank responsive websites more favourably for searches from mobile devices. The much-talked-about update was rolled out on April 21 2015, sending ripples through the internet as businesses all over the world scrambled to convert or replace their websites to ensure they were mobile friendly.

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