Internet Marketing and SEO

Once your web design is complete, it’s time to start thinking about growing your online audience. At Web Tonic, we know that the Internet is the greatest advertising tool at your disposal – we also know how to help you take advantage of it.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) are invaluable online tools that can help promote your brand to customers and grow your user base and revenue online.

A well-timed and properly planned Internet marketing campaign can help raise your online presence and keep your business, your products, your services and your brand relevant and at the top of customers’ minds. With the right Internet marketing, your company will be the first name they think of in your field or industry.

Don’t risk getting it wrong

Dodgy Internet marketing companies will spam your customers with emails and can even have your website blacklisted by search engines altogether.

In addition to CMS web design, e-commerce, domain registration and website hosting Web Tonic offers a range of Internet marketing packages that pick up where our web design services end. We continue to support your website and help to cultivate a successful online presence through effective Internet marketing campaigns and relevant SEO. From email campaigns to social media strategies, we’ve got your web presence covered.

Expand your online presence and secure your place with effective Internet advertising

Our Total Monthly Web Tonic plan already includes two years’ worth of SEO. While our Upfront Web Tonic plan doesn’t include SEO services, they are available as monthly plans.

To find out more about Internet marketing and SEO contact us today. Web Tonic’s proven methods will increase your reach, expand your online presence and drive traffic and sales.

Discover some of our work in our Showcase, read about current online marketing trends on our blog or find out more about who we are today.